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Just amazing! Nice to see all the richness of colors from the depths of E-330.
Greeting from Greece
P.S. Still a Panasonic L1 user

Nice website and very special photo's.
keep up the good work
Richard Lee(non-registered)
Outstanding shots!!

Amaze with the countries you have visited of which I was fortunate to visit them but did not get those shots.

You must have plan and waited for the right moment to capture that moment.

I have added OM-D to my Nikon D700 collection as travel companion when out on holidays and great if you could share what lens to add to the 12-50mm.
thanks for the beautiful calendar of your photos. they are just beautiful. a weekly reminder of your wonderful talent
Andre Delhaye(non-registered)
What a feast to the eyes and mind going through your galleries!
Great photography!
You really need a facebook fanpage. I wanted to add you to my "People Who Inspire You" portion of my profile. Your work is wonderful! It encourages my desire to travel the world.

Wishing you all the best from Vancouver,

Mike Seither(non-registered)
I very much enjoyed the photo tour of so many places I'd like to go but probably won't and your photographs brought me there if only for a moment. I have a Zuiko 11-22 and very much enjoyed the gallery which I was taken to from a comment you made on Flickr about the lens. Thanks so much for sharing your outstanding photographs.
Julian, really enjoyed your gallery, added to my favs ... Your feeling for color composition - one of the most challenging photographic skills - is excellent. Certainly a NatGeo quality in many cases and e.g. your Syria gallery is the very best I have seen from this country ever!

Greetings from Prague,
Sarah McPhee(non-registered)
Hey Julian, your photos are truly amazing! I'm heading to Egypt and Jordan next week and stopped by to pick up some tips on good shots to take. Seriously, really brilliant work and I hope to see you next time you are in London town...
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